How you and I, unwittingly spread the propaganda-desu.

I never shied away from my fondness of Japanese Anime, Manga, Music, Video Games, Pornos, and the whole pop culture. I prefer not to self-proclaim myself as a Weaboo or “Wibu” as we know it in my native language, as self-proclamation walks the thin line between truth and a poser, but it is a label that has bestowed upon me time and time again, and something I would not deny.

But what does it mean, being a Wibu? Here’s a wild answer:

It is, unwittingly, being a Japanese Propaganda Agent

In the wake of the WWII, Japan, destroyed, defeated, their…

From a guy who watches too much time travel stories

Netflix just released Back to the Future Trilogy, and while I never really mention it whenever the “What is your favorite movie?” conversation comes up, it has a special place in my heart as a childhood favorite and I used to always watch it every time any of the film was on TV. And with all three at my disposal, I just couldn’t help to spend my weekend, revisiting it.

I also a huge fan of time travel stories. It is one of the most complex movie/TV series tropes, and when done right, the payoff is just grand. Over the…

Sebuah Cerita Pendek

Hari ini kantin juga terlihat sepi, sama seperti terakhir kali Ardi makan di situ, sekitar dua minggu yang lalu. Walau di sekitarnya banyak kursi dan meja yang kosong, Ia memilih meja panjang yang menghadap jendela, dan menaruh botol minumnya. Di meja, ada sebuah kertas terlaminasi, yang berisikan tata cara makan di tempat umum. “Sampe hafal gue ngeliat ginian terus,” gumamnya, sambil berjalan ke kios penjual, dan berdiri mengantri.

Pengelola gedung memang tidak tanggung-tanggung. Dari masuk kantin, pengunjung sudah disambut dengan kertas tata cara tersebut yang dipampang di pintu. …

Let you and I take a drive
Take your foot off the gas
Take your hands off the wheels
Let the road leads us
Where our heart be real

Let you and I take a drive
Go without worry
No need to be hurry
No one to say sorry
And just be

Let you and I take a drive
And it doesn’t matter
To sit in silence
To sing with sirens
No eyes will wonder

Let you and I take a drive

And never arrive.


I watch movies to get entertained and/or engaged. If I finish the showing feeling somewhat entertained and engaged, be it from story telling, good acting, intellectual stimuli, or some dumb ass comedy, then I don’t see why I have to hate it. Sometimes I watch a movie and I know that it’s not coherently good (i.e. Dumb) but I thoroughly enjoyed it, I’ll say “It’s not very good, but I liked it.”

Another thing, I love Star Wars. Having the mindset I described above, I love all Star Wars movies, even the Prequels and Solo. …

Sebuah racauan netizen

“Arini itu professional, bukan jahat!”

“Mana yang lebih jahat, Arini Kusuma atau Summer Finn?”

“Ican dan Richard, kejadiannya yang mana dulu ya sebenernya?”

Salah satu tanda bahwa sebuah film adalah karya yang bagus, selain menghibur mayoritas dari penontonnya, adalah dapat mengundang diskusi yang tak berujung, yang bukan hanya membahas bagus/tidaknya film tersebut, namun juga esensi dan interpretasinya. Saat ini, film Indonesia yang bagus sebagai hiburan dan dari sisi sinematografi sih banyak. Tapi kalau yang selain mendapat nilai bagus dalam dua aspek tadi, namun juga memancing diskusi yang tak habisnya, Love for Sale 2 saat ini adalah jawara. Bahkan, ketika membicarakan…

How your favorite boyband resembles of one of the best line-up of the modern basketball

Hamptons Five vs Orlando Five

Ever since I first saw the ‘Get Down’ music video back in '96, the Backstreet Boys became the music I grew up with. Well, pop music to be exact. It wasn’t until junior high that I expanded my genre of interests.

While I also listened to and enjoyed other groups’ work, the BSB was my crème de la crème because they are the best. When boybands back then relied on one or two main singers while the rest of the group sings in the background, all of the dudes in BSB can sing and have unique characteristics. …

A short story

“Good morning, Harry. It’s 7 in the morning. Time for you to wake up.”

Harry groaned, and rustled in his bed. That morning was particularly cold, and he could hear vaguely the sound of raindrops. “Is it raining outside? Snooze for 15 minutes.” He muttered.

“Yes it is drizzling. Very well. 15 minutes.”

15 minutes later, the voice is heard again, waking Harry up, and this time he really got up, and started his day.

“Alright Sarah, what should I wear today?” asked Harry as he stepped outside the shower and walked towards his wardrobe. He took a casual-looking blue…

Another day, another sunrise, another sunset
Another tale, another beginning, another end
Another night, another sleep, another dream
Another fight, another bruise, another cut

It’s always the same

And for every fear I liberated
And for every brawl I endured
And for every mistake I owned
And for every pill I swallowed

It’s all the same

It’s all in vain

And here I go again, doing what I do best.

But the spark is fading,
And the flame’s withering.

A Short Story

Find the first part here and the second part here.

It was past midnight, and there was a knock on my door. It was Jimmy.

“Nat, I need you to do me a favor. I don’t know where else, so please, say yes. I’d owe you a big one.”

“What is it?” I asked Jimmy.

“I need you to help me, to rescue Rose.”


Jimmy said he’s going to rescue Rose, the real Rose. He said he had been watching them, Rose and the new owner, and has everything planned. He also said he was sure that it was Rose and the new guy probably got her off a…

G Sidharta

Aspiring warrior-poet

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